Whereas industrial minerals are our foundation, energy is the cornerstone of our success.  We are passionate about the industry - both its colorful history and challenging future.  Our interest in energy is primarily, but not limited to, the oil and gas industry.  More specifically, we are currently active in those areas that encompass oil and gas well production, hydraulic fracturing, oil and gas well proppants and their distribution.  Our interest in these sectors are wide ranging and we both consult and invest in this sector.

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Within our select core markets, we work with suppliers, distributors and carriers alike  to ensure distribution channels are what they should be:  reliable, profitable and secure.  We can offer services as basic as remote site selection and vendor review to third-party contract negotiations and distribution pricing strategy.  We both consult and invest in this sector.  As an example, Kelrik was a part owner of D&I LLC, a rail-based proppant terminal and distribution company, which we and partners sold to a public company in June 2013.

Industrial minerals are the foundation of our business whether in the United States, Europe or the Middle East.  Often overlooked and misunderstood, industrial minerals such as silica sand are absolutely critical to our way of life.  Although often characterized as commodities, we target more specialty use applications.  Our interest in industrial minerals are wide ranging and we will both consult and invest in this sector.


The Proppant Market Report has been produced by KELRIK, LLC and PropTester, Inc. for over 10 years. The contributing authors have over 100 years of direct experience in the production, testing, sale and use of all types of proppants. The website, www.proppantmarketreport.com, offers a digital copy of the report for customers along with access to an interactive map outlining information including location, current capacity and other central information on over 100 current proppant suppliers.  To order contact PropTester, Inc. at (888)-756-2112.